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   Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2014
Research, Review Articles & Case Studies
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   1 An Insight into Motivational Strategies in Enhancing Academic Staff Job Satisfaction in Selected Public Universities in Kenya (A Survey of Nakuru County)
Kevin Kinyoro Mburu*, Dr Patricia Gathia and Josphat Kwasira
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   2 Analysis of the Use of Co-Operative Purchasing Of Household Food Items as a Cost Reduction Strategy amongst Self-Help Groups in Nakuru Sub-County
Monica Ivy Wambui Kamau*, Dr Aquilas Kalio and Josphat Kwasira
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   3 A Practical Spread Sheet Based Method for Identifying Issues and Defining Problems of Members, Volunteers, and Employees: An Exploratory Research
Raymond A Phelps* and J Phillip Macon
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   4 CSR Bequeath Competitive Advantage: A Relative Study of Indian Firms
Rupal Tyagi*
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   5 An Empirical Study on Reselling of Counterfeits: Market Orientations
Rajesh C* and Bagali M M
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   6 Career Outcomes of Mentoring For Proteges: A Study on Indian IT Sector
Komal Singh* and B S Rathore
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   7 Women Faculty in Engineering Colleges: Is Gender-Equality Evident
Surekha Invalli*
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   8 IFRS towards Global Consistency: Opportunities and Challenges
Abhilasha N*
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   9 Work Place Health Practices and Work-Life Balance
Sahana Maiya* and M M Bagali
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   10 Women Employees in Garment Industries a Case Study Conducted in Selected Garment Industries of Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore
Sudeshna Saha*
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   11 Adoption of Business Agility in Indian Service Sector Organizations
Prasoon Mathur*
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   12 A Study on Non-Performing Assets in Indian Bank
B Balaji Sathya Narayanan* and R Surya
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   13 Perspective on Career Related Decisions of Management Students: A Model of Psychological Counseling
Chaitra Shetty*, M M Bagali and P V Shree Krishna
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   14 Factors Affecting Of Sitequal on Customer Loyalty of Using Internet Service in Pasargad Bank
Mahdokht Sharifi*
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   15 Patient's Perceived Satisfaction on Cleanliness in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Sushil Kumar and Shubhi Tomar*
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   16 An In-Depth Study of Service Quality in Retail Industry
Madhavi Garikaparthi*
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   17 CSR Activities of Maharatna Companies in India: An Analytical Case-Based Approach
Suprava Sahu*
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