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Latest Issue of International Journal of Management Research and Business Strategy
   Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2015
Research, Review Articles & Case Studies
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   1 Evaluating Green Hotels in Taiwan from the Consumers Perspective
Mei-Ling Tang*
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   2 An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Adoption and Diffusion of Electronic Business by Zimbabwean Tea Estates: A Case of Tanganda Tea Estates
Godfrey Sithole and Noreen Sarai*
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   3 Assessing the Use of Environmental Management Accounting as a Tool to Calculate Environmental Costs and Their Impact on a Companys Environmental Performance
Mishelle Doorasamy* and H L Garbharran
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   4 Influence of Formal and Informal Control and Coordination of Global Software Development (GSD) Projects
Jeevan H M*
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   5 The Effect of Work Motivation on Job Satisfaction: A Case of Farashian Pre-Cast Concrete Company in Iran
MehryarMotevalli* and Francoise Chevalier
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   6 Infrastructural Gap at World Heritage Site Kas in Maharashtra
Rajashri Ramesh Chavan* and Sarang Shankar Bhola
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   7 An Evaluation of Financial Performance of Public Sector Banking Companies and Non-Banking Financial Companies in India
Cheryl Shais Pellissery and Koshy C J
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   8 Henry Mintzberg: A Rebellious Scholar of the Strategic Management
Yadava Bapurao Jeve*
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   9 Drifting Through Diversity: A Study of Buying Behavior of Indian Consumers in Retail Stores
Rashmi Uchil, Nikhil Shailesh Thakkar* and Arjun Venugopal
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   10 The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support on Salesperson Psychological and Behavioral Work Outcomes
Robert J Riggle*, Paul Solomon and Andrew Artis
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   11 Administration to Catch Future and Potential Students to Undergraduates in Mexican University Using Goal Programming Model
Francisco Zaragoza Huerta
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   12 An Effective Way of Protection against Shrew Attack in Computer Networks
Akshay Keshwatkar*, Vishwa V and Arvind Anand
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   13 The Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology Bangued Campus: Its Role in the Economic Development and Progress of the Province of Abra
Calixto L Valera*
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   14 Predictors of Performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers of the Graduates of Higher Education Institutions in Abra
Dionisio A Visco*
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   15 Mezzanine Finance for the Indian Micro Finance Industry
Parth Haldia* and Pranav Mittal
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   16 Push Towards a Shift in Peoples Consciousness Levels: An Environmental Perspective
Singh Ahuti*
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   17 Educational Inputs and Quality of Employed Teacher Education Graduates of Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology During the SY 2006-2007 to 2010-2011: A Relational Study
Mae Amalia Pilarta*
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   18 Consumption of Green Goods: Indian Marketing Strategy
Priyanka Dey*
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